How to Install OwnCloud on a Website Hosting Account

Manage Article How to Place in OwnCloud on an Online shop Hosting Account OwnCloud is always a web application those s really similar to help you Google Drive or DropBox, except you can bunch it on your purchase server or hosting concern. The benefit of this advice is ultimately privacy, also its often cheaper other than paying for something for instance DropBox, due to usually the cost of web having accounts being super marginal nowadays. OwnCloud also employs an encryption feature which may plays into the seclusion aspect. Steps Part Trying to find OwnCloud Open your broad web browser and navigate to allow them to the following URL: s:owncloud.orginstall

Under square , “Get ownCloud Server”, select See. Select cheap web hosting India of the right, “Download ownCloud Server”. Pilot to a new “Web Installer”. Right simply click “Download ownCloud Web Installer” and determine “Save Button As ” Part Importing the Initiate to Your good Hosting Profile Upload currently the file so that it will your webpage account. In the market to do this, please logon to very own cPanel web host control board. This surely be made available to when users purchase your main web enterprise account caused by your service of final decision.

Scroll lower down and grasp to its FILES bill. From there, select our own File Forex trading broker button. 2x click a new “public_html” directory to input it. At this point you are going to upload the most important file yourself downloaded early Upload currently the file i downloaded until now by pushing the up load button to the site navigation bar. Go for setup-owncloud.php to be able to upload keep in mind this. Part Habitat Up their Database Work back to help you the cPanel control group by moving to these cPanel URL, and afterward locate DATABASES tab, and select the Mysql database Database Expert button.

Select one specific name as for your index. For example, you can easily use “ocloud”. Make surely you imitation the top notch database name, and accumulate it a place because ll are interested later. Look for a name for your very own database owner. You might name the client base user “ocloud” as efficiently. Make sure you copy complete database username, and retain it on the one hand because your organization ll require it later. To find example, my service is wikhow_ocloud. Generate some sort of random one using the particular Password Creator button. Government funding your data store all the legal.

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